10/7/2010 - SciQuest e–Procurement Expands Access to Axenia BioLogix Products

8/1/2010 - Axenia BioLogix Supports Homeless Veterans, Fosters Broad Employee Volunteerism

7/26/2010 - Axenia BioLogix Launches New Partnership with UCSF Cell Culture Facilities

7/1/2010 - International Serum Industry Association Elects New Board of Directors; Axenia BioLogix's CEO Reappointed as Chief Financial Officer

6/30/2010 - Axenia BioLogix Announces New Alliance with University of California


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6/30/2010 -
Axenia BioLogix Announces New Alliance with UC Davis

Dixon, CA The Axenia BioLogix, an innovative biotech start-up company serving the global industrial biotechnology and the medical/veterinary research communities, announced today their new vendor status with UC Davis Veterinary Medicine.

Stephen Judd, CEO, states, “As a manufacturer and distributor of best-in-class cell culture products, I am pleased to announce our new relationship with the life science research community at UC Davis. As an emerging market leader, our new alliance will strengthen Axenia BioLogix’s delivery network to provide customer-centric product solutions. I take great pride in this renewed association with the University of California.”

Based in Northern California and strategically located near Sacramento, Axenia BioLogix continues to develop broad relationships with partners throughout the world, serving institutional and biopharmaceutical laboratories in the U.S. and around the Pacific Rim. Axenia distinguishes itself by utilizing the latest advances in green, Earth-friendly bioprocessing technologies for serum and antibiotics, exemplifying our corporate values of integrity, partnership, product excellence, continuous evolution and social responsibility.

As Axenia’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen completed his postgraduate studies in Microbiology and Business Administration at UC Davis, and remains active in the Davis community. He is distinguished as a bench scientist, biology professor, patented inventor and successful entrepreneur. Axenia BioLogix is a natural outgrowth of Stephen’s career experience bridging biotechnology and business enterprise.

“Our goal at Axenia BioLogix is to provide a truly exceptional customer experience, focusing on the establishment of long-term, collaborative partnerships. We’re eager to work closely with our UC Davis partners and to support them in their scientific goals,” says Judd. “Together, we will thrive in a trusted-partner environment as Axenia aspires to become ‘Lab-Partners for Life’.”