10/7/2010 - SciQuest e–Procurement Expands Access to Axenia BioLogix Products

8/1/2010 - Axenia BioLogix Supports Homeless Veterans, Fosters Broad Employee Volunteerism

7/26/2010 - Axenia BioLogix Launches New Partnership with UCSF Cell Culture Facilities

7/1/2010 - International Serum Industry Association Elects New Board of Directors; Axenia BioLogix's CEO Reappointed as Chief Financial Officer

6/30/2010 - Axenia BioLogix Announces New Alliance with University of California


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10/7/2010 - SciQuest e-Procurement Expands Access to Axenia BioLogix Products

Dixon, CA Axenia BioLogix, an innovative biotech start-up company serving the global industrial biotechnology and the medical/veterinary research communities, has expanded access to its best-in-class cell culture products through SciQuest’s e-procurement system.

Stephen Judd, CEO, states, “I am pleased to announce this new relationship with SciQuest. This new portal will strengthen Axenia BioLogix’s ability to deliver customer-centric product solutions to our lab partners throughout the world.”

“Our goal at Axenia BioLogix is to provide a truly exceptional customer experience, focusing on the establishment of long-term, collaborative partnerships. Through SciQuest, we’re eager to work closely with our scientific partners to support their professional goals,” says Judd.

“Together, we thrive in a trusted-partner environment as Axenia aspires to become our customers’ Lab-Partners for LifeSM.”

Users of the SciQuest Science Catalog need only contact their SciQuest administrator to activate Axenia BioLogix in their e-procurement system. The company’s catalog and list prices are immediately available under SciQuest Supplier ID 13518824. Axenia may also post special, discounted pricing for member labs or institutions, if the institutional administrator enables this hosted feature.