Axenia BioLogix aims to become your
lab-partner for life by delivering best-in-class cell culture products and an extraordinary service experience.

Stephen Judd
Chief Executive Officer
Axenia BioLogix

Axenia BioLogix…Lab-Partner for Life

Axenia BioLogix is a manufacturer and distributor of best-in-class cell culture products, including sera and antibiotics, to the global industrial biotechnology and the medical/veterinary research communities. We value small-business flexibility and personal touch over large-format exigencies of scale. We live and work under cultural values of integrity, partnership, product excellence, continuous evolution and customer centricity.

Leadership and Vision
Based in Northern California, we have established broad relationships with partners throughout the world. Strategically located near Sacramento, California, Axenia provides world-class products and services to academic, institutional and biopharmaceutical laboratories in the United States and around the Pacific Rim. As an emerging market leader, Axenia BioLogix is poised to deliver innovative product solutions via the latest advances in green, Earth-friendly bioprocessing technologies.

Stephen Judd, our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, provides hands-on leadership and day-to-day business direction, often assuming a direct, personal role in many aspects of the business, from technical support and production operations to marketing and product development. Distinguished as a bench scientist, biology professor, patented inventor and successful entrepreneur, Stephen brings more than twenty-five years of critical experience innovatively bridging biotechnology and business enterprise.

Stephen has played a highly participatory role in the development of global serum industry standards through the International Serum Industry Association (ISIA), where he is serving his fourth year as Chief Financial Officer. Representing Axenia BioLogix, he is an active member of the North American Regulatory Advisory Committee and chairs the ISIA Finance Committee. As a leadership member of this important association, Axenia BioLogix is committed to the highest quality standards in the industry and takes every step to ensure the long-range viability of its serum-derived products.

Axenia BioLogix is committed to providing a truly exceptional customer service experience. We aim to deliver long-term collaborative partnerships, working with our life science customers to elaborate best-in-class cell culture products that propel them to achieve research and production objectives. We thrive with our customers in a trusted-partner environment.

Let Axenia BioLogix be your Lab-Partner for Life.